Small gestures communicate to your significant other that you are thinking of them, that you are tuned into what is important to your partner, and that you desire to make your partner feel loved.

Turn off your phone during date nights

It is very rude to chat with Facebook friends while you are on a date with your significant other. Date nights are meant to enjoy each other companionship and undivided attention.

Assist them with little things

Supporting your partner’s idea to start a new business or e-commerce is not enough. Get actively involved and you will find loopholes that need to be filled. If you don’t have any idea about it, look for an expert who can make their work easy and your partner will be forever grateful.

Show physical affection

Sometimes a big hug is all it takes to make your spouse know you care about them. Good night and early morning kisses, hold hands in public places to make her feel special. This will go a long way to strengthen your relationship.

Ask about their day

Before you go to bed, spend some time with your spouse in bed asking about her day and how you can feel with the next day’s project. Try to calm them if they are in a bad mood and celebrate their success with them.


You can give your partner something small like a chocolate, kelewele or ice cream every day after work without spending a lot of money and still have a powerful impact.