I have been married for over 10 years, and there are still plenty of secrets I keep from my husband.

As a woman, you just need certain things for yourself (I’m not talking about your shower loofah). Besides, what’s wrong with maintaining a teeny bit of mystery, even in a committed, long-term relationship?

Truth: it’s just better if your man doesn’t know everything about, say, your bathroom habits or past lovers. Read on to see if you agree that women should guard these nine secrets from their partners like the Secret Service guards a president.

We have facial hair

Sorry guys, but we didn’t wake up like this. Many women go through rather painful hair removal treatments like waxing and electrolysis — or shave with mini razors — to achieve fuzz-free faces.

We pleasure ourselves, too

It isn’t just men who have sexual needs. Women masturbate, but we may not talk about it as much as guys. Many of us prefer not to share details of our private pleasure seeking with our partners.

It wasn’t great for us

Not to deflate your egos, men, but women don’t always get what they want in bed. And they don’t always tell you, either. Sometimes, women even lie about having enjoyed a sexual experience.

We fart

It’s not sexy, but women pass gas just like their male counterparts. Just don’t expect all ladies to admit they are responsible for the sudden foul odor in the room! It was definitely the dog.

How much we weigh

Weight is perhaps the most closely guarded secret there is among females. Even some women married for decades don’t share their numbers with their partners.

Our number of past partners

Disclosing how many partners a woman has had in the past is so unnecessary. At least that’s what she tells herself when she edits the number just a bit for her current man.

We’re still hungry after that salad

Especially early on in a relationship, women rarely order what they really want on dates. But after that salad, we’re often starving! Not that we’d admit that to men.

That thing we asked you to do? We can do it ourselves

Sometimes we will ask our guy to do something or accept help with something we could have completed ourselves. Either we just plain didn’t want to do it, or we simply wanted to see you get all hot and sweaty and take your shirt off while building our Ikea dresser.

We need you

Sometimes women (and men for that matter) act all tough and say things like, “I want you, but I don’t need you.” Except we do. We are just afraid to admit it, not only to our partners but to ourselves. Because we are strong and independent women, damn it! But even strong and independent women fall in love. It just may take us a while to be vulnerable enough to tell you.



Source: Popsugar