It has not been so long since you won my heart. 

We are only in our third year since we fell in love. I must thank you for the immeasurable love you’ve shown me. My heart leaps for joy whenever I look into your eyes. I can’t stop gazing at you like I did gaze at the colours of the rainbow when I was six years old.

What a great privilege done to me, that I now have you in my heart and around me. Lest I forget, I love you, and I give my all to you. Happy Val’s Day lovely.

I know you’re not perfect and I don’t expect you to be perfect within three years but you’re doing your best to be perfect. You promised me free SHS for all our children and filled my heart with happiness the very day you accomplished it. Aww! What a manner of person God has given me.

Dear, I am speechless for another wonderful thing you have accomplished in my life. You promised to establish a factory each for our children and this you’re doing. 

I wish you were here with me to take a bite of the chocolate in my hands.

My heart beat, there was a time when you asked what was wrong with me because my mood had changed. You told me you were ready to do whatever I will tell you concerning the cause of change in my mood. Hmm! I know this is the opportune time to bring to your notice why the change in my attitude of late. 

I can’t bear the corrupt behaviour of our children who are put at the helm of affairs for our common good. 

The corrupt nature of our children has affected me.

Honey, our sleep is cut short leaving our eyes heavy with sadness as we witness a break in our security system. 

Recently, in Ayawaso Wast, we witnessed the various commotions and the shootings that took place. Can you imagine the number of lives we have lost as a result? 

You have what it takes to call all of them to order. In fact, let them face the law. Whatis the importance of the national security agencies if you allow Vigilante groups — Invinsible Forces and Delta Force to take charge of the nation? I don’t believe we will see the kind of peaceful environment we want if you only pamper them with STOP! Just call them to book.

People are being kidnapped in Takoradi and some others are being found dead. Must I be happy when my relatives are suffering? Imagine the huge sums of money taken from parents as ransom to get their children home. What are our security men doing? 

Ah! What even gets me angry the most is to hear that a kidnapper who is in police custody escaped. How? And what happened? Where was the policeman at post?

Just yesterday around Salaga, a policeman was shot. Offices were broken down just because some felt that they should have the regional capital. Whaaat? Can everyone become the head of a company? No! Something is definitely wrong. Honey, will I be happy when such atrocities are happening?

Finally, I think our children are not doing so well in building this economy due to their educational curriculum. 

I think the education curricular must be looked at. 

The curricular must equip the children with the skills to work and the ideas to come out with new technologies. Lest I forget, you have to do well to cover the gutters in our environment to do away with mosquitoes. 

The covering of the gutters will also prevent flooding since there would be proper drainage of water.

My one and only lover, my heartbeat, I am longing to be loved but you’re the only man who can give it to me. Though far from me, I will feel your heart beat when you’re reading this lovely letter. I love you so much and want you to consider what I have suggested. To my lovely president Nana Addo, president of the Republic of Ghana.

I love you.

Source: Immanuel Karl | [email protected]