Controversial television and radio personality, Valentina Nana Afia Agyeiwaa, well known as Afia Schwarzenegger has descended on Dr Mensah Otabil on the BOG and the Capital Bank saga.

Ever since the Bank of Ghana report revealed that they gave “Collapsed Capital Bank” an amount of GHs610 Million to sustain it before it collapsed many people have launched their attacks on the Board Chairman of the Banks especially Reverend Dr Mensah Otabil the Founder and General Overseer of International Central Gospel Church (ICGC).

But supporters and ICGC members have flooded social media with flyer’s with the writing “I Stand With Dr Mensah Otabil”. Some of the flyers are even telling people to shut up because they have achieved nothing to criticise Otabil and that has angered Afia Schwarzenegger.

According to Afia Schwarzenegger, the money given to Capital Bank was taxpayers money so every Ghanaian has the right to express his or her view on it.

Afia Schwarzenegger and Pastor Mensah Otabil
Afia Schwarzenegger and Pastor Mensah Otabil

Responding to the flyer that says “Before you talk about my pastor show me your achievement in life” Afia took to Facebook to recounts her own achievements as a single mother and how she has done well for herself. She also revealed how she would have done splendidly with that money which has been “spent” by Dr Otabil and his team.

Afia also added that the “I Stand With Dr. Mensah Flyers” are some of the things that annoy ordinary Ghanaians whose money Bank of Ghana gave to Capital Bank that ended up in the pocket of the board members and managers.

She wrote:

Good day ICGC

Before I talk about your pastor, the man that watches animal kingdom yet preaches to human beings I will show you my achievements.

I was able to put up an orphanage together with my friend’s whiles I was living in a single hotel room with my kids and I didn’t collect seed neither did I take 610 million taxpayers money

Before I talk about u, let me show u my achievements, I was able to feed extra mouths plus my kids with less than 6,000 GHS salary 2015 without tricking people to sow any 24 hr miracle seed whiles you Pastor Mensah Otabil couldn’t sow $5000 to save your bank!

Imagine if this 610 million saga was a political saga…you would have given sermons part 1-7 about how immoral politicians are…

I chose not to comment abt all these But yo be honest flyers like these just make everything annoying

Massa, I stand with the poor Ghanaians that can’t have people doing savage post for them even though their money is said to be with you!

They can’t show you their achievements cos they have conscience,won’t bully people in the name of God to enrich themselves…they can’t show you their achievements cos obviously they can’t steal, they can’t show achievements cos they can’t lie in the name of God

I beg let’s think wai.Mtcheeeww I stand with God forgive you all. Read your bible well and practice what you preach!!!