The Chairman of the National Peace Council, Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Asante, believes Christians are responsible for 70% of Ghana’s problems.

According to him, the country is dominated by Christ-believing fellows, yet things have failed to improve due to the attitudes of some Christians.

He expressed worry at the trend that seems to point the involvement of Christians in corrupt and negative acts.

Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Asante was speaking at the climax of the 60th anniversary of the Church of Christ Spiritual Movement in Cape Coast.

“70 percent of the people in Ghana claim to be Christians but in spite of this fact, the police have a very hard time. 70% of the country’s problems are Christian problems because we pay lip service. That’s why we are where we are,” he said, as quoted by Myjoyonline.

The Peace Council Chairman also expressed concern about the growing rate of crime and corruption activities in the country.

In his view, such untoward acts could be reduced in society should Christians adopt good attitudes worthy of emulation.

He further touched on self-styled preachers who are more interested in talking about themselves than preaching the word of God.

He advised Christians to be on the lookout for fake pastors in order not to be misled or deceived.

According to him, many teachings and preachings in today’s churches do not reflect the real teachings of Christ.

“So many men of God preach themselves to the congregation. Trouble looms in our churches when we push Christ aside and put our ourselves at the center of things. We have not been called to preach ourselves but to preach Christ,” Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Asante added