A specialist in piles treatment is recommending that “anal tests” be made part of requirements for issuing out Driver’s Licenses to long journey drivers.

Dr Asafo Adjei Anane Frimpong has conducted a research which indicates that the pain of piles causes drivers to lose control when they hit potholes.

According to him, 80 percent of men above 40 years have developed piles with a greater number of them contracting the anal growth in their 20s.

Speaking to host Julius Caesar Anadem on the Ultimate Breakfast he explained, “You can’t sit for so long with these haemorrhages. You will have to sugar yourself. Imagine it is a driver who is travelling on a long distance with cargo and has all these pains in his anus. Our roads are uneven with lots of potholes and if you hit one, your mind is taken off the road to your anal region, the vehicle will land in the bush.”

He further indicated that these pains push drivers into taking high doses of pain killers like tramadol which has been noted for altering the mental soundness of drivers leading to accidents.

“With all these pains, some of them will take tramol and some will take alcohol and mix it with all kinds of things and if you cross them, you are in trouble,” he noted.

Prof. Adjei indicated that he has made a proposal to the National Road Safety Commission and offered his facility the Asafo Adjei Specialist Hospital for free testing of drivers.

“I submitted this research at a program with road safety at the Cape Coast University and I put it to them that people who go for drivers licensing have to test their eyes and I can suggest that they also have to test their anus. If you have this condition we will clear it for you so that you sit properly and drive without any pain,” he submitted.

In 1991, Prof Asafo Adjei became the first Ghanaian to qualify as an expert in non-surgical (scientific) treatment of piles specifically in the use of the ring hamorroidectomy method.

A former Ashanti Regional chairman of the Ghana Medical Association, Professor Asafo Adjei has twice been conferred the man of the year Award by the International Biographical Centre (IBC) for his medical exploits.

Source: Starrfmonline.com