The idea of a mouthwatering birthday cake always comes with the excitement of celebration, meeting friends, family and other close people along with doing different types of fun things. The celebration of a birthday remains incomplete without the presence of a beautiful birthday cake. Be it a kid or an adult, if you are hosting a birthday party, ordering a perfect birthday cake is a necessary job that you cannot overlook.

Choosing a birthday cake depends on several factors like the age of the birthday person, the type and the theme of the celebration, the size of the cake, etc.

Now, this article tells you about different types of birthday cakes so that you can choose the right one for the birthday party.

The Designer Cake:

No doubt, it’s the latest fad in the market of the birthday cakes. Each of these cake comes with the enticing design that can sweep you off your feet. From simple design to cake with a very fancy design, you have an ample amount of options to choose from. Needless to say, everything designer comes with a little high price tag and so are these cakes.

The Tiered Cakes:

Yet another exciting option, tiered cakes are the perfect pick for big birthday celebrations. Two tired cakes are a trendy option, but you can take it as high as you want.

The Cake Brownie:

This is an excellent combo cake for the people who want to choose something really different. Usually, these are heavy cakes with the lesser focus on the icing part. These delicacies are perfect for the parties where a cake is the main dessert.

Ice-Cream Birthday Cake:

It’s a great addition to the list of fancy options. This particular type of birthday cake is prepared with the delicious ice cream flavours. They not only look tempting but also tastes highly delicious. If you are going to bring this cake as the Birthday cake, you must have the arrangement for the storage also as we all know the fact that ice-cream melts very fast.

Cartoon Cakes:

These cakes are very famous for events like Kid’s birthday parties. These cartoon cakes come with the shapes or designs of favourite Cartoon characters like Spiderman, Superman, Spongebob, etc. These cakes are the fondant cakes so that they can hold design or shape intact for a more extended period.

These are some of the trendy variations of the birthday cakes, but as soon as you step into the market, you will find many other customized options to choose from. Always remember one thing that you should always select cakes with the enticing design so that it can catch all the attention at the birthday party.