Getting married is a very serious step which is why you really need to be careful when choosing your partner. Before you get married it is very important to know your partner completely. You can learn more about them by asking these questions. This can be very helpful for you to determine whether your present partner is the right person for you to marry and spend the rest of your life with.

1. Why do you love me?

This is a common question at the beginning of a relationship, however as you get to know each other you discover new things every day. You also change as well as your partner, so it is essential to ask this question before considering marriage. You need to focus on things that are much more important than material and financial stability.

2. What are your goals and are you willing to adjust them for the relationship?

The answer to this question will give you a better insight about your partner’s view of your relationship and your future together. If your partner is mainly focused on achieving their own goals rather than setting goals you can both work towards, your relationship is not on a good path.

3. Do you know how to compromise?

Without compromise no marriage can survive. If your partner wants to have things their way without changing something to be in your favor from time to time, he/she is not marriage material.

4. What is your relationship with your family?

Bad family relationships can indicate future problems in your marriage. If your partner does not appreciate their own family, you can’t expect them to put your marriage first ever. However, if they are willing to change for you, relationship counseling can be helpful in resolving these issues.

5. Why do you want to spend your life with me?

This can help you find out about what your partner expects from you and your relationship. You can also figure out how healthy their expectations are about your role in your marriage.

6. Can you keep the romance alive?

Your partner should be aware of the importance of keeping the romance alive. If you both work on it your relationship will never get boring or feel like a routine.

7. Can’t you work through the rough patches?

If your partner wants to avoid conflict at all times, they will never be willing to try hard to resolve issues.

8. What are your parenting skills?

If you plan to have children with your partner, their past family experiences can tell a lot about their parental abilities.

9. Can you commit to grow with me instead of away from me?

The answer to this question will help you learn whether your partner feels your relationship is valuable enough for them to put effort into its maintenance.

10. Will you continue to grow in the relationship?

If both partners in a relationship have their own hobbies and interests they continue to practice, their marriage is very likely to be interesting and more exciting.

11. If my life is cut short, will you honor my memory forever?

If your partner answers that they will continue to nurture the memory of your relationship instead of just keeping it behind them, they are very likely to be excellent future marriage partner for you.