Facebook has announced changes in the way it removes from Facebook Pages, content that violate the social network‘s Community Standards as well as when the pages post items that have been verified by 3rd-party fact checking services to be false.

Also, the company says it’s determined to make it harder for Pages that have been shut down for violations to be revived through new Pages which feature the same, duplicated content by banning proactively banning other Pages and Groups.

Addressing the first two issues, the company is introducing the “Page Quality” tab — a new tab which will inform Page managers of content which has been removed for violations and also, what has been rated “fake news.”

This is the section which will explain if content was removed for falling within the confines of hate speechgraphic violence, harassment and bullying. Also, regulated goodsnudity or sexual activity, or being in support or praise of people and events that are not allowed to be on Facebook, the company explained in the blog post.

People affiliated with hate groups, terrorist activity, human trafficking, organized crime etc., are the “people or events” not allowed on Facebook since they are associated with real-world harm.

In relation to proactive bans, Facebook reported having noticed an increase in people using their existing pages to duplicate posts that were pulled down from Pages that were found to be in violation of Community Standards.

For this reason, Facebook says that it may remove other Pages and Groups alongside one that is being pulled down for policy violations. What this means is that Facebook will proactively remove a page or group if it believes it will be used as the new home for the content found to be in violation… way before they actually do so.

To read further on the subject, here’s the blog post from Facebook detailing the measures.

Source: jbklutse.com