There are some few things every individual needs to know about smartphone. Especially the smartphone lovers who can’t go an hour without looking on their phones. Smartphones are considered the best portable electronic device ever invented in the world. The human population turns to rely on it for everyday use.

From individual based to a corporate or commercial purposes.

An ordinary person regularly use it for keeping in touch with family and friends; social media(i.e WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc), to keep abreast with latest news and updates happening around the world.

Whilst businesses use it to complete their required task and also to keep in touch with their customers.

There are some few things about smartphones most people totally have no knowledge of; while a lot of people just focused on what they want, and ignore the rest of the possibility smartphone can do.

There are some few things which need to be taken serious or into consideration. If you are an individual who fall under the category of smartphone lovers.

Things you must know:

We have compiled a list of some few things that smartphone can do apart from the daily routines everyone is familiar with, these are:

1. Smartphone emits radiation

Smartphone contain electronic component with generate some kind of energy  (radiofrequency or radio waves), as they work together to provide you which whatever purpose you are using it for.

This type of energy are said to be harmful when in contact with the human skin for a long period of times.

They turn to cause a lot of damages which are very insignificant. We will not noticed that from the instinct but have an adverse effect on us later someday.

So, some people will say; does that means we should not use a smartphone again?

Yes you can. So far as you are alive, you are going to die one day but that doesn’t stop you from living.

You only take precaution. You live a decent life so is in the case of this scenario. Scientist and inventors have come up with another possibilities to prevent any bad effect smartphone could bring to you.

These include:

  • Using an equipment most people called sticker (Anti Radiation EMF Protection Sticker). It is indeed like a sticker, you apply it on the back cover of your phone. This turns to reduce not eliminate, the radiation, because the sticker can not stop the radiation from happening. It will only reduce the amount that will be transferred out to your skin. This can reduce the damage this radiation can cause to you
  • By not placing your phone beside your head on the bed while you sleep. it is advisable to keep your phone away from the bed while you sleep.
  • By not using the phone while it is on charge or not using the phone while the battery is less than 20 percent.

2. The Light Rays are harmful to the eye

The light rays coming from the screen of your smartphone are said to be harmful to the eye while staring at your phone screen for a long period of time.

Some people always put their screen brightness to very high which they have no knowledge is causing any harm to them.

It is advisable to put your brightness control to auto. This approach will adjust the phone brightness accordingly depending on the environment you are.

This is prove to be safer for the eye. But if you decide to go the manual way, you are advise to reduce your brightness to very low when in a dark place.

If there is no light around or if the light in the environment you are is very low also. And you reduce it and increase it while you are in broad daylight or in the environment when there is enough light around.

Also at times certain phones even though you reduce the brightness level to zero, it appears the light is too much for the eye to bear.

In such situation, it is advisable to get screen brightness app. These apps provides you with option to reduce lesser than what the phone is giving you.