In a move that will comfort port hygiene critics, Ghana is set to enforce a strict cargo container hygiene policy in a bid to curb possible spread of germs from the port to the mainland and vice versa.

Cargo containers by virtue of their mobility from coast to coast and the tons of goods they bear across the globe tend to be hubs for harmful bacteria to thrive. This may create possibilities for disease-causing germs to have access to people at the point of contact.

The recent Ebola scourge among others necessitated a closer look at container sanitation and Ghana is ready to implement a strict disinfecting regime for containers at all entry and exit points of the port. The need for urgent commencement of this new policy has summed up in the scheduling of the first week in March for the kick-start.

Dr. Badu Sarkodie, director of Public Health at the Ghana Health Service, speaking on Neat FM in Accra said that the maritime authority, the ministry of health and other stakeholders including the Customs Exercise and Preventive Service (CEPS) have joined cloths on this crucial public health agreement.

He further calmed fears on the toxicity of the disinfectant sprays that will be used and assured the public that the entire process was going to be a trust-worthy one and would be gentle on the pocket of the cost bearers.