There’s a very popular adage that goes like “in the world of the blind, a one-eyed man is king”. But have you ever stopped to think who is king or queen in the kitchen when there are limited resources?

Well, somewhere on social media, there is currently a serious discussion ongoing on a funny but captivating topic regarding food preparation.

The argument is not about who cooks best, but rather who has the capacity to prepare a meal with very little money.

So, it all started then put up a post on Facebook, asking followers which food they could prepare with as low as GHc4.

As usual the responses came in plenty, with netizens pouring out various suggestions on foods that can be prepared using such a low budget.

A lady commented that she could use GHc4 to prepare banku and hot pepper, listing her budget as follows: “corn dough and cassava dough (1.50p), pepper (50p), tomatoes (50p), onion (50p), no fish I like it that way.”

Another Facebook user wrote: “Eba….gari = 50p, water = 20p, salt = 30p, tomatoes = ¢1, pepper = 50p, onions = 50p, fried egg = ¢1#total = ¢4.”

A guy also gave a rather funny contribution: “At my hometown Seikwa, BA, I can buy tuber of yam for ghc2; hot pepper stew and fried fish.”

One other guy added: “With Ghc4, I Can Prepare gari and beans (Gorb3), delicious one of course. One cup of beans = 2cedis, gari = 50pesewas, palm Oil = 1cedi, onion = 50pesewas. I already have salt and my gas cylinder is full. My tap dey flow waaa.”

So, there you have it from some Ghanaians on how they can use GHc4 to prepare a meal. How about you also tell us how you could use GHc4 to prepare any meal?