In late 2018, Google announced it would be shutting down its Google+ social network — after more than 500,000 users were impacted by a security vulnerability. Now in an update on the shutdown, the tech giant has provided April 2 as the date to begin deleting all content on the platform.

Providing specifics on the process, Google said the full deletion will take place over a few months, and although the date is still a couple months away, it is warning that content from personal accounts — including photos and videos in Album Archives, will also be deleted.

“Between now and the shutdown, we recommend you let your followers know where they can see your content outside of Google+. Consider creating a post that lists your website, blog, social media channels, and other ways to stay in touch.”Google’s suggestion for people who actively use the platform.

In preparation for the full shutdown, the ability to create new profiles, pages, communities or events will be removed by February 4. The coming weeks will see sign-in buttons stop working although you’ll be able to sign in with your Google account.

If you’ve integrated the service with Blogger as a comment system, the feature will be removed by March 7, preceding full deletion on April 2.

A ‘thank you’ note from the Google+ team showed appreciation for the many artists, community builders, and thought leaders who made the service their home.”It would not have been the same without your passion and dedication.”

In the meantime, you can still download an archive of your important information and specific data.