The usual celebration, which is characterized by the end of ban on drumming for the Homowo festival may be marred, following the recent clashes in the Gbese community of the Greater Accra region.

According to sources, the clash that left one dead and scores injured was between youth factions that support the Gbese mantse, Nii Ayibonte II and another faction that support a fetish priest in the Gbese community. could not confirm the actual reason for the clashes but indications are that, the beauty of this celebration that precedes the homowo festival by Ga’s in general of which the Gbese community are one will be disrupted if the issue is not resolved.

The Homowo festival is celebrated by the Ga’s, to mark their defeat of hunger during their historical sojourn to Ghana from Nigeria.

Homowo in the Ga language literally means hooting at hunger.



Source: The New Yorker