As your partner battles her way through morning sickness, fatigue and the job of relearning her centre of gravity so as not to fall over, you can help out.

Here are ways to support your partner during pregnancy.

  1. Help Without Being Asked. Pregnancy takes its toll on her energy levels, and you may find that your partner is falling asleep more than usual. Simply put, she just doesn’t have as many hours in her day now that she’s pregnant, growing a baby is exhausting. Take up a few chores at home to release her work load.
  2. New Her, New You. Your partner has probably had to make a few lifestyle changes since finding out she was pregnant she may have switched to a healthier diet and started doing more regular exercise. Help her out by making these changes too.
  3. Get Informed, Knowledge is power, and the best way to get clued up is to do your research. Read books, look online, and speak to your dad friends about pregnancy, birth and beyond. Find out what to expect, and get advice from the people you trust about how to be a great birth partner and father.
  4. Make yourself as available as you can. The best way to support your partner during pregnancy, is to be there for her physically and emotionally. Go with her to as many antenatal checkups as you can, and make sure you are there for the ultrasound scans.
  5. Tell Her She’s Beautiful. Many women find it difficult to cope with the changes to their body during pregnancy. She may be worried about stretch marks, concerned about weight gain, or just be feeling not much like her old self. Tell her when she looks great, compliment her on her bump, and make sure she knows just how much you love her.
  6. Learn To Love The Pillows. As your partner’s bump grows, she maybe be suffering from back aches and pain in places that doesn’t hurt on a regular. Stack the pillows to help her relieve some of the pain though it might make you uncomfortable in bed.
  7. Prioritize Her;Make sure that you are prioritizing your relationship throughout the pregnancy. Make time for her, make the effort, and check in to find out how she’s doing.
    Give Massages; Whether it’s foot rubs, lower back rubs or all over body massages she wants, now is the time to show your skills. Use massage oil and treat your partner to a relaxing massage to ease her aching body as it adjusts to pregnancy.
  8. Be Understanding; As her hormones wreck havoc on her body she might be feeling too nauseous to eat the meal you’ve cooked, too or too desperate for the bathroom to stop crying. You may find that she gets upset about inconsequential things. Give her a break. Pregnancy has its fair share of ups and downs, but you can make it much easier by cutting her a little slack.
  9. You may feel like all your partner does these days is talk about the pregnancy. Listen to her anyways. It’s probably because of what’s happening in her body every minute of the day. She is carting around a very real reminder with her at all times,inding the pregnancy tough or feeling worried about the birth.



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