Sometimes, managing space on your Android phone or tablets is one of the most tiring tasks you can take upon yourself. You have to carefully go through your apps and files just to ensure that you free up some space to make your phone run fasteror to make way for a video you want to download. What if I told you this is a thing of the past? Yes, once you download Files go, all your storage needs will be met.

Files go by Google

Google’s Files Go app was recently released, and its entire purpose is to help you manage storage. With this app, you can:

1. Free up space on your device

When you use this app, you will get personalized space clean-up suggestions for unused apps, large or duplicate media files and memes.

Screen 4

How to use Files go by Google to clean up your Android device.

After installing Files Go, you’ll need to give it usage access so it can monitor your app usage and offer suggestions for apps you can delete. Here’s how to get started with Files Go:

  1. Open the app
  2. Hit the Continue button.
  3. Allow the app to access photos, media, and files by hitting the Allow button.
  4. In the Find unused apps card, tap the Get started button.
  5. Hit the Go to settings button.
  6. Tap Files Go in the Apps with usage access screen.
  7. Toggle the button next to Permit usage access.
  8. Go back to the app to see cleanup suggestions. In the Temporary app files card, hit the Free up button to clear unused files.
  9. Select the button next to All items and hit Clear.

Now that you’ve done this for the first time, the app will alert you whenever there is a file troubling the space of your device.

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2. Find files faster

Screen 4

There’s no need looking through stuffy folders just to find the video, audio or image you’re looking for. This app will help you find exactly what you’re looking for with it’s smart filters which will guide you all way through, making things easier.

3. Share files offline

You know Airdrop for iOS devices, don’t you? What about Xender? Well, Android may have built its own app which performs equal functions to the ones stated above.

Instead of being able to send files to random strangers, the recipient will have to approve the connection between the devices before anything can be sent or received.

To use the file sharing feature, each person will need to visit the Files tab and select Send or Receive. After that, follow the prompts to complete the transfer.


In the Settings for Files Go, you can change the name that shows up for file sharing, and control alerts for various triggers (low storage or large media files, for example).

Download app here