Huawei has said its Mate X device embeds innovative features that are geared towards user empowerment, offering a premium and user-device interactivity.

A statement copied to the Ghana News Agency said the device’s foldability was one of its first and most striking features as it enables it to turn into a tablet when needed. 

The statement said its designed hinge, referred to as Falcon Wing Foldable Design, was integrated in the display and folds out the screen.

“It is similar to a falcon which extends its wings – turning the device into a perfectly flat, eight-inch tablet which offers users almost double the viewing area available in smartphone mode,” it said. 

“The device features new flexible OLED displays bringing users a premium viewing experience on a 6.6-inch dual display panel, which remains thin (5.4mm) while being highly durable according to Huawei’s tests – as well as safe thanks to its superior heat dissipation.” 

The statement said the display features no holes or notches and become bezel-less, offering users a distraction-free display for them to fully focus on work or entertainment.

It said with the advent of the 5G era, a new generation of connectivity was about to take place, marking yet another shift in the development of smartphones, leading Huawei to launch the HUAWEI Mate X, the industry’s fastest 5G foldable smartphone.

“The flexibility behind switching from smartphone to tablet will give users the ability to maximise their productivity and make the most of their time – lessening logistics and eliminating the need to carry more than one device,” it said.

“Work becomes increasingly easy as reading or editing documents on the big screen are more practical, especially when combined with features such as dragging dropping.” 

The statement noted that, the mirror shooting was an example that would be appealing to photography enthusiasts as it allows both the photographer and the subject to see what the photo would look like before it is taken thanks to a digital view finder appearing on both the primary and secondary displays.

It said the Mate X runs on the world’s first multi-mode 5G and would be Huawei’s first commercial mobile device 5G capabilities, the Balong 5000 chip. 

The statement said the device would support 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G with a single chip while effectively reducing the delay and power consumption and sub-6G full frequency band support, providing large network coverage.

It stated that though slim, the Mate X’s body houses four sets of 5G antennae, and that users could enjoy quality 5G connectivity and high volume data transmission anywhere, enabling them to benefit from 5G’s high quality connectivity and get more done. 

It added that the charging process of the device was designed to be shorter with the newly upgraded technology, which takes the battery up to 85 percent in 30 minutes, freeing users from lengthy charging.