Investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, says he is not clothed with authority to “order the military around” as being speculated in sections of the media.

Anas is reported to have used armed military officers to terrorise land owners at Tsaado, a suburb of Accra, in a deliberate ploy to take over their properties.

A video which appeared to show Anas squaring up with a well-built man for allegedly trespassing on his property was released by Net2 television a few days ago.

The man believed to be Anas was overpowered by the former and eventually whisked away, sparking a lot of speculation on social media platforms.

But in a robust defence, the award-winning journalist explained that he acquired the property in contention through lawful means, and therefore, challenged anybody to produce contrary evidence.

“I’m not the commander-in-chief of the Ghana Armed Forces, so I can’t control them. In any case I’m not even in the country as I speak with you. I have a court judgment which is in my favour so that makes me the rightful owner,” Anas told Net2 journalist, Kwaku Annan.

He disclosed that even though he never attended any of the court hearings for the eight months the case lasted, his lawyers were able to secure a favourable judgment.

“The fact that I am a journalist does not mean that I should be aloof if somebody tries to take my land from me,” Anas added.

When pressed further by Kwaku Annan to disclose the person who sold the land to him, Anas declined, except to say that he was very busy.

“Some people are waiting for me for a meeting. I’m sorry, I can’t proceed further. If you have further questions you can talk to my lawyers,” Anas said, before hanging up the phone.

Listen to the entire conversation below