Founder and Leader of Ebenezer Miracle Worship Center, Reverend Opambour Ebenezer Adarkwa Yiadom popularly called Prophet One has subtly replied colleague Daniel Obinim of the International Godsway Church about being most powerful man of God in Ghana.

He revealed that he is the only person God has given him power to do his work spiritually and physically and therefore urged all those who need his help to consult him.

In a live television broadcast monitored by, the Kumasi-based televangelist said “Let me tell you something when they talk about the power of God you don’t understand. You have to come so that I can tell you how the power of God looks like because I am the only person he has given his power. He has given me all the powers to do his work spiritually and physically. There is nobody powerful in Ghana than me…so come and let me help you”.

Bishop Daniel Obinim a month ago stated that no one comes closer to him when it about work in the spiritual realm making him the spiritual President of the world.

He bragged of how he is able to do several things in the spirit which God has blessed him with making him the Spiritual President ahead of other Men of God.

“When it comes to money others are richer than me, when it comes to houses and cars others have better and luxurious cars than me, when it comes to English others speak better and are more learned than I am but when it comes to the work of the Spirit, I am the president of the whole world”, he revealed.