If you have an Android phone that has an internal memory of either 8GB or 16GB, seeing the “insufficient storage” error will be a daily dose.

Issues of insufficient storage on your android device impedes the use of your phone. It even becomes worse if you don’t have a microSD.

Most at times, when we see this error, the next thing we do is to find and delete an app. But what if you keep removing the apps till it gets to that point where there is nothing to delete? What if all the apps left are things you will regularly need/use?

Well, there are quite a number of methods you can use to free up some space to ensure that you have enough to accommodate a new app. The one that is sure to work especially with devices with  8GB or 16GB is clearing the cache.

Cached data on android devices take a large amount of space on your devices. These data are junk files and can easily be cleared without harming your applications.

How to solve the problem of insufficient storage on your Android device

There are two ways of doing this. You either clear the cache of each app or clear the cache for the device entirely.

  1. Open the Settings Menu.
  2. Click on Apps.
  3. Click on each app, Tap Storage, and Clear Cache.
  4. Do this for all the apps and the insufficient error should be a thing of the past.
  5. Alternatively, you can go to Settings and Select Storage.
  6. Wait for it to load. Now, tap on Cached Data and you’ll be prompted if you’d like to clear cache data for all apps. Press Yes and cached data will be cleared.