This is for those men whose big d*ck makes them think they are on top of the world and brag that it can literally shift a woman’s womb.

A UK-based Nigerian doctor is here to burst your bubble as he claims there’s no such manhood that can shift any woman’s womb.

Identified as @DrOlufunmilayo on Twitter, he used a picture of the different measurements used to describe the width of a dilation during child birth.

He wrote: “During labour/delivery, When a woman’s cervix (the gate of the womb) is fully opened at 10cm, to allow a baby to come out, this is what it looks like. But men like to fool themselves and assume.

He went on to add: ““But it takes 9months for the body to prepare for this”Exactly. Now think about it. If it takes 9months to prepare for a delivery of a whole baby, an act that doesn’t even “shift the womb”, is it your 3cm width penis that will make a difference? Lmao. Pls get the fvck.”