More than 600,000 individuals, including pregnant and nursing moms, in the Northern and the Ashanti locales are to profit by a program under which they will be furnished with nutritious nourishment being supported with a Japanese concede of $5 million.

Under the program, which will take off next year , 22,000 pregnant and nursing women in the two areas will get electronic vouchers for the reclamation of privately created nutritious foods, the graphic online reports.

An extra 29,000 pregnant and nursing mothers will profit from the program in 2020.

The program will be executed by the World Food Program (WFP), in organization with Ajinomoto Company, a Ghana-based Japanese nourishment organization, the Ministry of Health and the Ghana Health Service (GHS).

A signing ceremony between Japanese government authorities and the WFP to offer impact to the program occurred in Accra yesterday.

Present at the service was the Minister of Health, Mr Kwaku Agyemang Manu.

Japanese Ambassador

The Japanese Ambassador to Ghana, Mr Tsutomu Himeno, clarified that the help being offered by the Government of Japan was focused at taking care of the issue of lack of healthy sustenance in the two districts.

“Japan is focused on tending to nourishment and medical problems, since they assume a basic job in human security,” he said.

Mr Himeno said the help was additionally equipped towards helping Ghana to accomplish the Sustainable Development Goals (SDFs).

World Food Program

The Country Director of the WFP, Ms Rukia Yacoub, expressed gratitude toward the Japanese government for the help, saying it would go far to help address the issue of ailing health in the two districts.

She said the give would empower the WFP to scale up help for the Ministry of Health and the Ghana Health Service to grow the nourishment program.

“This will help bolster national endeavors to address the triple weight of unhealthiness, micronutrient lacks and overweight and corpulence,” Ms Yacoub said.

She said there would be an attention on social and behaviourial change as a component of the program, in perspective of which individuals would be presented to messages focused at enhancing their wholesome status.

Ministry of Health

As far as it matters for him, Mr Agyemang Manu offered thanks to the government of Japan for the different types of help it had offered the nation.

He said the allow would help the battle against lack of healthy sustenance, which was on the ascent in the Northern and the Ashanti areas.