Social media famous evangelist, Emmanuel Addai has tagged the resignation of Adom FM’s newscaster, Kofi Adomah Nwanwani as part of his illuminati actions.

As reported by, Kofi Adomah on Wednesday, November 28, made announcement on his resignation from the Multimedia Group.

It was added that his resignation will take effect from December 1 as was made known in his decision.

After the reports went viral, many people became very surprised with some of them challenging its authenticity while others thought it was just a joke.

But later on, the presenter based on the public arguments was forced to record a video to authenticate his resignation reports and also explain why he landed on that decision.

However, a popular ‘man of God’ who is well-known on social media, Evangelist Emmanuel Addai is contradicting the main reason for the resignation.

Evangelist Addai reads that there is more to Kofi Adomah’s resignation beyond what the eyes can perceive.

According to the controversial Evangelist who is known for tagging many famous Ghanaians as occultists, the resignation was not real and is bases on Illuminati influence.

In a video recorded by Evangelist Addai, Kofi Adomah’s ‘resignation’ was to shield him from being discovered by some people who want to attack him over a ‘case’ he claims involves the presenter.

He also added that the occult wants to use Kofi Adomah’s KOFI TV YouTube channel to mislead Ghanaians because many have found out their methods on Adom TV and other stations.

Watch the video below