Technological advancements have made the word ‘privacy’ one of the most sort after in recent times. While it has increased our possibilities in many spheres, technology has opened up the world, leading to an increasing loss of privacy.

In matrimony, however, the issue of privacy becomes even more serious with couples struggling to come to terms with what should or should not be done.

A marriage seminar organised as part of this year’s Joy FM Beauty and Bridal Fair on the theme ‘Knotted for Life’ hopes to get to the bottom of this quagmire.

Lady Rev. Adelaide Heward-Mills speaking on the topic ‘Can you still have a private life after marriage’ at the seminar held as part of the bridal fair encourages privacy in marriage.

In her view, the uniqueness of each person when put together should rather build the marriage not destroy it.

The different desires, values and wishes, she said should be a melting pot to enable the marriage as a body to be whole.

“If you have and I have and we both come together it strengthens the marriage, you are not supposed to give up all your private life.

“So, yes, you can have a private life even though you are married…there is diversity in unity and unity in diversity,” she added quoting 1 Corinthians 12.

Privacy should not draw couples apart but rather bring them together and enrich the marriage.