Malian scrap dealers at Abura Dunkwa Kwamankese in the Central region have fled the town following attacks by locals Sunday evening.

The locals were angered after the scrap dealers allegedly murdered a security officer who was engaged in a brawl with them at their home.

The killing of Benjamin Ato Acquah, a private security guard, 49, with the Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) marks the third of such murders in the town after a linguist and his wife were killed in their room at dawn weeks ago.

The irate youth in retaliation burnt down homes and assets believed to be owned by the Malians Sunday.

According to sources, the deceased, hours after an initial brawl with the suspect, pursued him at home with a machete where he was allegedly overpowered and killed by the suspect and his accomplices.

Police have been dispatched to the town.