The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has arrested a woman popular on social media for her vaginal care products and sexual enhancers.

Mama Gee’s products, some of which are herbal formulations, are alleged to be effective at giving women who use them the ability to amplify the sexual experience of their partners.

Known in real life as Elizabeth Torgbor, Mama Gee’s products have been paraded by some as the answer for women who want to obtain financial and other favours from men they go to bed with.

Photo: This image captured from a video shows Mama Gee giving directions to some of her predominantly female clients at her shop.

 A statement signed and issued in Accra by the Chief Executive of the FDA, Mrs Delese A. A. Darko on Wednesday, July 10 said Mama Gee was arrested with the assistance of personnel from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) at her shop in Madina near Rawlings Park.

“The FDA wishes to advise the general public not to patronise such products from Mama Gee since it has not been approved by the Authority and the claims cannot be substantiated,” the statement said.

Ladies who have been seen in long queues at the shop of Mama Gee.

Mama Gee who is a supplier the charms among sexual enhancement products, has shockingly revealed that she helps young ladies charm rich men in the country in return for cash reason some rich men cannot let go off ladies they are dating.

A viral video sighted by has revealed ladies of all shapes, sizes, and complexion trooping into the shop of woman who has revealed she has a solution to their problems which is snatching husbands of other women and also making huge cash.

Explaining how the charms work, she said her products upgrade women’s private parts to ‘sweetness’ different from other women where they become irresistible to their partners.

Mama Gee juxtaposed cooking to the woman’s private parts where spices are garnished to make it tasty and that women need some charm to smear on their private parts and faces to receive the cheques, houses, traveling, cars they dream of among other things.

According to her, it’s not so simple for rich men to simply give out their monies to ladies they have unbridled sex with and that ladies need to device other means to get monies from men for their upkeep and businesses.

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