A Chinese man has recently set a new world record by inflating 22 tyres tubes at the same time, with one nostril.

Mr Tang Feihu, 43 accomplished the impressive feat in just two and a half minutes, during a recent event held at Nanjiang Grand Canyon.

The stuntman started off by inflating 10 tyre tubes with a diameter of over 60 cm, a feat that took him two minutes and 39 seconds to complete.

After taking a five minute break to catch his breath, Mr Feihu upped the stakes, this time using one of his nostrils to push air into 12 tyre tubes at the same time.

That also took him only two minutes and 30 seconds to finish, setting a new world record.

Mr Feihu has been earning a living by performing all sort of stunts for tourists at various Nanjiang Grand Canyon scenic spots and decided to try the tyre tube trick after seeing videos of it online.


Source: odditycentral.com