Ghanaian Actress Bibi Bright says she is hoping to give birth to ten children and has not revised that decision she made with the husband, reports.

According to her, she and her husband, Akwasi Boateng have deep love for children and therefore have decided to give birth to ten.

She told Graphic that “Although I have two kids, my plan is to make it 10 because my husband Akwasi Boateng and I love children. I want to surround myself with my children when I am old”.

The actress mentioned that she is currently very patient and that things that used to upset her do not upset her anymore.

She noted that marriage had changed her for good and that’s something she has come to love.

“Little things used to upset me and I couldn’t live with anyone else apart from myself, but today, I am comfortable with anyone around me. Things that used to upset me no longer do.”