Skin bleaching is not a new phenomenon among coloured people around the world. Almost every year, new techniques of lightening melanin emerge and as usual, some people literally jump on the trend to get the most result out of it.

From the look of things, however, people seem to have abandoned the old styles on ‘toning’ dark skin as a new ‘cringing’ method has emerged.

A video of a lady going through the procedure surfaced online some days ago and people find it hard to believe.

In the video sighted by GhanaWeb, a half-naked woman doused in a chemical substance believed to be a bleaching solution had her epidermis [the first skin layer] manually scraped off by another lady with a cosmetic spatula.

The lady administering the method described it as the ‘new whitening instant body wash’ which peels off the first layer of the skin.

She is heard saying, “you can see now, it’s peeling off and this is December period so your whitening instant body wash is very very effective. The result is instant, just for 30,000 naira.”

“Can you see this, can you see this,” she continued as she scraped off the first skin layer on the legs of her customer.

The video which was meant to be an advertisement for the new bleaching method has received several repulsive reactions from social media users.

Below are some reactions from Twitter;