Director of National Health Insurance Scheme, Dr Samuel Annor, has announced the introduction of a new app which would aid Ghanaians to be able to renew their NHIS cards with ease devoid of stress. Adding, he said this app can be easily accessible on mobile phones.

This he said can assist all to know more about the scheme. “The grievances of patients and people who said they must go through stress to our district offices to renew their cards have been heard.

We also went round our district offices to put together some challenges which have made it expedient for such an app to come on board.

Therefore, management has put a lot of measures in place to put NHIS services on easy reach through our phones to Ghanaians”, he explained.

Speaking to the media at an event organised yesterday [Monday], he said, all these innovations has been done ahead of the coming of the Ghana card. NHIS card after 5 years would be invalid.

The new Ghana card would now be used for health care and other services, he stressed. He further said that they have already started their piloting in some constituencies.