I believe the idea of leadership supersedes politics and fosters first to the need of the elected office.

This begs the question, “Who does the presidential online portal serve? The NPP or the Ghanaian Presidency?

If the latter is the case, why should Ghanaians be put through the horror of reading an article that serves the NPP and NDC debacle more than it serves the Ghanaian people, on a site that has been put in place courtesy of tax payers money. Or some of us did not get the memo of a “Presidential debate” 2-years early?

As Ghanaians and as a people, our identity and our well being comes before political squabbles such as the Vice President, Mahamudu Bawumia, challenging the NDC  to further fuel their on-going show of words and wits.

Until politicians realise that Ghana is bigger than any political party, we will be stuck in the very tiny bubble of myopic thinking, reasoning and mediocre advancement.

Obviously these “politicians” need an education in what is expected of them post-election victory. The minute you assume the reins of party, you must put aside political differences and focus on the work at hand, which is moving Ghana to forward.

How does an argument of words and in-actions serve the Ghanaian people or our narrative? Is Mr Vice President being paid to answer to a political party? Oh! He should by all means argue his differences with his political opponents, but when this is showcased like a trophy on the presidency’s online portal, our presidential mirror to the world; It is beyond laughable and quite explains the current state of our economy.

Clearly we have lost sight of what is important.




Source: Ghanacrusader.com