These days it’s hard to differentiate between a man of God and a spiritualist better known as a “juju” men since they all tow the same line by performing unimaginable miracles.

Previously we know our “Juju” men are the only people who can recite some incantations and before you see it, they start to spill out cash either from their mouths or from a handkerchief.

Well, now pastors are able to do that and even more just to let people know that they are true men of God or maybe some other reasons best known to themselves.

A Ugandan based Nigerian pastor identified as Prophet Andrew Ejimadu has been sighted in a new video shared online vomiting money to a church member who asked for money.

In the video, Prophet Andrew asked the lady to empty her handbag which she did and he later took it, placed his head into the bag and started to vomit out cash to the admiration of his church members.

Watch the video below: