Enjoying your alone-time and feeling lonely are not the same. You can be surrounded with people and feel like the loneliest person in the world. Or, you can be by yourself and feel like you are complete. The people who actually enjoy spending time alone have very unique personalities. They choose their friends carefully and they want to keep them forever.

Loners save their energy by not socializing if they are required to indulge in mindless small talk. They are often considered weird and unusual, however there is nothing wrong in choosing your own company over the company of people you are not comfortable with. Being able to appreciate and value yourself as a person is very important for your overall well-being.

They are much happier and self-aware compared to others. They would also rather be alone than spending time with people that don’t have compatible personality traits. Loners have observational skills which make them very intelligent unlike people who tend to gossip all the time.

These are the 6 personality traits of people who enjoy spending time alone

1. They have strong boundaries

Their mental boundaries are very strong and you will never be allowed to cross them. They are completely aware of what it is okay and what is restricted. They will never be completely closed but they will also not over-share. They believe that their matters are their own, and nobody else’s business. They do not appreciate if you poke your nose too further into their matters. They understand and respect your concern, but they need don’t really want anyone in their space.

2. They are loyal

They are not that excited about spending time with other people as extroverts are. They don’t require companion in order to be happy. However, if they have you as a friend they will never betray or hurt you. They will stick by you through thick and thin, and even when you do not ask or expect them to. These are the kind of friends one should aspire to have, and definitely the ones you need to cherish for life. They will be loyal to you until the end.

3. They are open-minded

Because of their excellent observational skills, they are aware that every person is different. This is why they will never judge you no matter how unaccepted you are by society. That’s also a trait of being far more intelligent than others. They understand that your ideas and beliefs can be different than others, and they respect that. They also expect the same from you. Society has judged them enough, and they refuse to pass on the hurt and pain to another person.

4. They are level-headed

Loners usually never get worked up in a heated argument. They hate being in the center of attention and they are also very calm and prefer settling an argument with logic. They will not run to you with weapons, but instead, use facts and truth to explain the situation to you and find a solution.

5. They are self-aware

Since they spend a lot of time alone they know more about themselves than the average person. They are aware of their flaws and they accept them. Their choices, beliefs, and motives are all crystal clear to them. They know their positive points as well as their downfalls, and do not live in any kind of denial about it. They know who they are and they accept themselves as such.

6. They value time

Time is extremely important other and they hate when people make them wait because they are wasting their time. However, they also value the time of other people as well, and they will always be punctual and prepared for a planned situation. This is another important reason why it’s so difficult to involve them in matters of small talk or petty arguments. It is beyond their intellectual requirement to invest in something pointless.




Source: www.simplecapacity.com