A station officer, at Nalerigu Police Station in the North East Region, has been apprehended and detained, for allegedly “abetting a criminal offence” of an accused person.

The suspect, Inspector Felix Gbekle, formerly with Formed Police Unit (FPU) was said to have secretly and illegally took photographs of a firearm, whilst still an exhibit in police custody and then facilitated registration licence of the firearm for an accused currently undergoing trial for stealing.

His action, according to the police was to consolidate the accused defence against the State, so that the accused can win the case and free himself from the criminal charges leveled against him.

A cable message by the police, intercepted by The Herald, said, “on 28/09/20 at about 1800hrs, the North East Regional Police Command ordered the arrest of the Nalerigu Station Officer, Inspr. Felix Gbekle, for the offence of aiding and abetting a criminal offence namely illegal possession of firearm.”

According to the police, “On 03/08/2020, the Nalerigu Police started investigations on one Adam Musah (accused) for the offence of stealing. In the course of the investigations, an unlicensed 12 Bore SB Automatic gun(pump action) with ID No. Huglu GX-812-18A4277, was retrieved from accused’s place of abode and he was charged accordingly and put before the Nalerigu District Court for possessing firearm without lawful authority and also for stealing which trial is ongoing.”

It said, “During the trial, the accused sprung a surprise by pulling out a photocopied document dated 17/08/20 purporting same to be his licence to bear same firearm which he claimed to have obtained from the Tesano Divisional Police. Prosecution therefore asked for time to run checks on the said document.”

However, it explained that, “The checks from the Tesano Police indicated that indeed, the said licence emanated from the said outfit and it was documented on 17 &18/08/2020 for and on behalf of Accused Adam Musah. Further checks revealed that obtaining the said licence was facilitated by the station officer Inspr. Felix Gbekle for the accused whilst the firearm was still in the custody of the Police to consolidate the accused’s defence against the Police/The State so he can free himself from the charges leveled against him.”

It further added that, “The Inspector took photographs of the firearm whilst it was still an exhibit in police custody, forwarded same to a colleague of his at his former Unit- FPU and pushed for the registration of same for and on behalf of the accused person”.

“On 28/09/2020, Inspr. Felix Gbekle, was interrogated by the Regional Police Command and he admitted having taken the photographs and forwarded same to his colleague one Amoah, in order to know the name of the weapon. His arrest was subsequently directed and he is presently being detained,” the cable message concluded.