Siemens, a German-based energy producing company is set to open a branch in Accra. The newly appointed country director for Siemens, Mr. Zak Rahman, has hinted that the company will create around 400 to 500 direct and indirect jobs in Ghana.

According to him, creating such job opportunities for the people will help lessen the increasing unemployment syndrome in Ghana thereby helping to improve on the socio-economic lives of the people.

Mr. Rahman who also doubles as the Ghana representative for Kovosta Fluid and P.B.C Industries, both Czech Republic based companies, pointed out that plans are far advance to set up the company’s office in Accra and in the Western Region to kick start its operations.

Speaking to reporters in Accra, Mr Rahman said his outfits will partner the government to solve incessant energy crisis bedeviling the country by producing around 100-200 MW of power to the government and between 5-16 MW of power to private companies in the country.

So far he indicated that they have approached three different private companies who have all shown interest to work with Siemens and its partners to achieve its objectives. He was however tight-lipped on the three private companies they are in negotiations with.

On what benefit Ghana would derive from the establishment of a Siemens office in the country, Mr. Rahman noted that Ghana stands to benefit enormously looking at the employment both direct and indirect it will create for the people with attractive salaries for both degree and even non certificate holders.

Mr. Rahman who is also the Chief Executive Officer for A.R.Z Holdings, a recruitment, internship placement, and construction company says he been a Ghanaian and in the recruitment sector, understands perfectly the dynamics of certificate and non certificate holders in job hunting and that they will put all into consideration when employing the people.

Mr. Rahman noted that the government has laid a smooth and strong foundation and that the future looks very bright for the country. He therefore entreated Ghanaians especially the youth to have hope in the leadership of the country regardless of the party in power.