monitored a conversation one Harrison Gbisanya, a 22-year-old old man had with Chief Jerry Forson on Ghana Yensom on Accra 100.5FM on Tuesday, 12 June about a surgery he had at the Ridge hospital which has left his stomach bloating like a pregnant woman.

According to Harrison Gbisanya, he never thought something that started as just a mere stomach ache could lead to such a huge complication that is having soo much bad effect on his life at such a young age.

He explained that he started suffering from some stomach ace so he went to the Maamobi polyclinic for a check-up only to be referred to 37 Military Hospital.

Harrison Gbisanya

He was again transferred to the Ridge Hospital for further check-ups. He says after the nurses took his vitals and the doctor checked on him, he was told he had to undergo a surgery.

Harrison Gbisanya revealed that after the surgery, he started feeling unusual pain from where the surgery was done. It went on for a while and he went back to the hospital with the complaints.

The 22-year-old young man whose stomach was bloating revealed to the listeners that he was admitted when he want back and the doctor who conducted the surgery came back in the morning to check on him.

He gave him more prescriptions and he was injected into his stomach and sent home. Ever since he came home, neither the pains nor the stomach bloating has ceased and he doesn’t have money to go back to the hospital for the doctors to rectify what the doctor did wrong.

Harrison Gbisanya is, therefore, pleading with Ghanaians to come to his help and raise some funds for him to sick treatment.