Had I known they say, is always at last. There is a very big political handwriting on a wall nearing to favour the party that gave birth to Ghana’s democracy.

The party that has shared ideologies with the Nkrumaist and across the length and breadth of Ghana, can boast of touching it formation roots from all ethnic groups.

The only party that does not discriminate against individuals irrespective of where they come from in occupying any kind of party position. Unlike its close counterparts the NPP, that has a clear, workable but unwritten guidelines that determine which individuals occupy which position.

The ruling NPP, from the very first onset assuming the helm of affairs, has demonstrated in their try and error approaches to tackling issues to both elites and laymen that, they are incapable of handling the wheel bequeathed to take Ghana to her destination.

The unprecedented size of staffers at the presidency, the unending number of ministers, the misplaced priorities leading to an added dept stock can all be point to how badly the country is being managed.

The ruling NPP, so insatiably in just halfway in power, is on a talking spree, pleading with Ghanaians not to bring the NDC and John Dramani Mahama back to power to finish his projects scattered all across Ghana.

From the 200 new SHS schools promised, from which 123 was delivered, the 2000 CHIP compounds, with which majority were completed and the rest left unattended to whiles we have huge employment rate of nurses and teachers at home.
Other well thought of projects to position Ghana as a beckon of excellence in the Sub-sahara Africa, like the Ridge hospital, the University of Ghana Medical Center, the Kejetia and Kotokraba markets, the Kasoa and Circle Interchanges and Cape Coast stadia and so many at various stages of completion are all economy building project if put to their full exploitations.

The handwriting today, in conjunction to the works at the ground is clearly compromising the promise on which Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the NPP rode on to power.
It is in the knowledge of Ghanaians that, amidst the prolonged eight (8) months court case on the 2012 presidential elections petition, three and half unreliable power supply, industrial agitations and single spine pay policy discrepancies, John Mahama was able to deliver on what arguably, is the best achievements of any government of Ghana after Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

The NPP and Nana Addo have read the writing of the numbered days on the wall, the NDC has equally read it too and my big question is what measures are the opposition NDC putting in place to make sure all come to past to the rescue of the ordinary Ghanaian?

What could be done in addition to the long-discussed issues of the failed promises and misplaced priorities such as the national cathedral and drones by the current government, the poorly implemented programmes that has caused more harm than good to the citizenry, and so many more of their unjustifiable promises that brought them into government but can never be fulfilled even with additional more years in charge with more family and friends?

The NDC built on probity and accountability should rise beyond bars and bring on board all members of the great party, aggrieved members, floating voters and even NPP members who have lost trust in the current government and feel the need to bring back our redeemer and also want transformed actions in governance.

The loose talk by personalities in the communication department and executive positions of the NDC should be addressed and all should endeavor to take all members seriously because all hands are needed on board in bid to recapture power come 2020.

Actions now! towards 2020 and the best decisions should be taken now, right from the branches through the constituency to national.
May the good Lord take control over our activities, give us all wisdom knowledge and understanding as we strategize and trade with caution as we organise the parliamentary primaries devoid of executive interference and allow the voice of the voters reflect on the positions together with JM to assist us in winning Dec 7th 2020 elections.
Long live NDC and may God continue to guide and bless us all.

By: Daniel Bless Doh,
Afadzato South NDC communicator. (0245564493)

Columnist: Daniel Bless Doh