A group of unemployed nurses have been allegedly assaulted by the police after picketing at the Health Ministry for jobs.

The nurses say they were asked to come for financial clearance which would allow them to be put on government payroll.

But instead, they were cleared away by police in what is at least the second reported assault on unemployed nurses.

Some showed minor bruises on their legs, hands and neck in the alleged physical altercations.

Picketing at the Health Ministry has become a routine since 2015 after government austerity measures put a damper on public sector employment.

Since then, batches of nurses who have graduated from dozens of training colleges have been jobless as the public sector remains the largest source of employment.

The government has urged patience from the unemployed health professionals explaining it is clearing a backlog.

Government has said that since 2017, it has recruited at least 16,000 health professionals who graduated within 2012 and 2015.

It has promised to employ 27,000 more in 2018 following a budgetary allocation to pay them.

Since 2014, government has scrapped the bonding of health professionals trained at public institutions.

The bonding binds the government to health professionals and bars them from working in private institutions for five years.



Source: Ghana | Myjoyonline.com