A new video of Bishop Daniel Obinim doing a passport miracle for a young lady whilst speaking ‘Chinese’ has baffled many on social media users.​

Many of them after watching the video have commented that the man of God actually didn’t conjure the passport from thin air but rather took it from his left shoe.

In the video, which was shared by Cecil Kwabena, Bishop Obinim asked the lady to hold one of his (Obinim) legs in what some users have described as similar to the ‘pulele’ dance by the late Terry Bonchaka.

As the lady was doing so, the man of God was also speaking in an unknown tongue and after a few seconds, the lady removed Obinim’s shoe and voila! she is gifted with a passport. Church members jumped in excitement and sang praises.

Bishop Obinim has been trending in the news since last week as people give ‘strange’ testimonies about his stickers. Even president Mahama has recommended his stickers for Nana Akufo-Addo to enable him to perform better.


Source: Adomonline.com