A new video has gone viral on the internet and in the video, it sees two lovebirds taking a blood oath to seal their love. Reports say, they are Cameroonians and they did that to prove their love for each other.

The video which was posted on Facebook by the man known as Sule Buba has provoked lots of people on Social media as it’s seen as old fashion and a detrimental move but the man has defended his action.

Although we do not understand the language that was been spoken in the video, it’s obvious the woman was not in support of the idea but because she wanted to prove to him that she truly loves him, she had to do it.

Some of the comments below

Many online viewers reacted to the development, explaining it is something that must be taken very serious because it is very dangerous to embark on such foolish journey.

Watch the video below:



Source: Ghbase.com