• Road accidents in the country refuse to abate in spite of an action plan put in place to avert the accidents

  • Adom Kaseɛ has outlined reasons why the situation wouldn’t abate

  • The reasons include motorists and pedestrians’ disregard for road signs; wrongful overtaking and police officers penchant for bribe-taking

President Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, in about April, approved an action plan to minimize road accidents in the country.

That was after the road crashes, attendant deaths and injuries from January to April had alarmed the whole nation.

The plan was crafted by a three-man committee that comprised the ministers of The Interior, Transport and Roads, commissioned for the purpose.

The three key areas of action the committee recommended to the President are Education of Ghanaians on safe road usage; Engineering of the roads to make them less accident-prone; and Enforcement of the road traffic laws, christened the “The Three Es”.

It has been two clear months now, but the accidents are not abating; they rather seem to be escalating.

So, Adom Kaseɛ decided to survey the roads to see what the main cause of the fatal accidents is, choosing the busiest route in the country – the Accra to Kumasi Highway.

From the Nkrumah Circle in the heart of Accra, driving through the suburbs of Lapaz and Kwashieman, the revealed how women, some of them carrying babies, as well as men jump barbed wires meant to prevent pedestrians from crossing the road, indicating clearly, what constitutes recipe’ for accidents in the country.

From Kwashieman through Achimota and Pokuase, also in Greater Accra; to Teacher Mantey in the Eastern Region, the News Team saw overloaded vehicles, rickety trucks and buses going to and fro, without any let or hindrance.

This was in spite of the fact that the Police MTTD were there supposedly to check traffic offences.

As though these were not enough recipes, the news team chanced on a fourth offence wrongful overtaking – a rampant activity that will make any reasonable person cringe.

But, the fifth crime was simply shocking as police officers who are paid every month by the tax-payer are seen taking bribes from offending drivers.

The video above captures details of the story as gathered by the Adom Kaseɛ team.