A 36-year-old woman has revealed the fake things she did for fake prophets. Agya Nkuto and Akwasi Sarpong all in the name of poverty.

There have been various calls on the Christian Council of Ghana to look into pastors who have been labeled as fake, who are literally described as ‘armed robbers’ who use tricks to extort money from Ghanaians.

According to Ghanaians, some people pretend to have received a calling from God because they have been starving for long and in a bid to make ends meet, they brand themselves as pastors, so they could earn a living.

These pastors and their churches have failed to comply with building regulations while others find themselves in the predicament as a result of noise pollution.

According to the woman in the interview obtained by Ghpage.com, she was employed by an agent who extorts monies from these pastors and gives her part as her share after pretending to be sick or in a serious predicament.

In her narration on Kumasi FM, the woman whose name was not disclosed stated that the amount she earns depends on whether her face is shown on television or not.

According to her, she was introduced to the agent by a friend who was already in the business of pretending to be sick and healed by fake pastors.

She mentioned Agya Nkuto in Kumasi and Akwasi Sarpong who’s based in Accra but in all, she worked for 10 fake pastors.

“I act like a mad woman and then taken to their churches to be healed and upon giving me oil to swallow and smear on my body, I stop faking after 30 minutes and the congregation who are ignorant of my actions cheer them[fake pastors] on.”

“I have been in this business for over 5 years but after being adviced by a true man of God, I stopped but I have been falling sick frequently and need help urgently,” she said.

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Source: Ghpage.com